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3D Scans in Newark, Ohio

CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography is one of the many new features available to you as a patient here at Newark Dental.

In only 8 seconds, and with less radiation than being outside for 2 hours, our revolutionary scanner captures 450+ images of your head and neck region.

These images are quickly stitched together to allow us to have a permanent 3-D model of your airways, teeth, and bones. These records are not only mess-free but pain-free as well!

"It truly was an easy and friendly experience.  The procedure was straightforward, and nothing like I've been to in the past.  No pain and I was done in a few minutes.  Actually getting to talk to one of the doctors face to face was a nice touch!

What was especially nice was taking a tour and meeting a few of the staff.  Now, when I return I will know exactly where to go!"

Angie C., Google Review

What You Should Know About 3D Scans

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    More precise efficient image than traditional X-rays.

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    Accurate diagnosis of oral health conditions and concerns.

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    Allows high quality view of teeth, bones, and airways

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    Accurate bone quality for dental implants

  • 27952817_1593712764052141_8623550893003898880_n

    Very low exposure to radiation

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